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Whether your perfect customer is on the road or online, we use various digital advertising platforms strategically chosen to reach them at the perfect time and place with a compelling message that aims to convert. 

With more than $200,000 of Ad Spend under management, we have been implementing digital advertising campaigns since 2016, assisting more than 30 Australian companies to grow their top-line revenue online.

Digital Advertising Tips

Digital Advertising That Engages With Your Target Audience No Matter Where, No Matter When.

Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Digital Out-Of-Home (dOOH) Media

A recent addition to our digital advertising arsenal, programmatic digital Out-Of-Home (dOOH) advertising allows SME's to build brand awareness and increase recognition via digital billboards. 

By using digital assets and programmatic bidding by Caasie, we are able to deliver large scale dOOH campaigns for the fraction of the price of organising just one traditional billboard.

Reenergise Affordable Landing Pages

Google Advertising

As the world's largest search engine, Google is where the vast majority of potential customers turn to for online shopping, product reviews and to search for solutions to their problems.

Using Google's Search and Display advertising, we've generated thousands of conversions & tens of millions of impressions since 2016. We help you to be more visible & generate more leads.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertisements

Love it or hate it, Facebook has established itself as the world's largest social media network and is definitely around to stay after acquiring Instagram and Whatsapp, amongst others.

With millions of daily active users and some very in depth data on users, Facebook advertising is a great way to both build brand awareness and develop extremely targeted lead campaigns.

Digital Advertising - Brand Awareness (Impressions) vs Lead Generation (Conversions)

Brand Awareness

In the digital sphere, whether with digital advertising or organic searches, the term Impression is used to describe an instance during which a individual saw any content (text or visual) from your business. This can even include the audience scrolling past your site and SEO title on a Google search, seeing someone wearing some of your merchandise or an advertisement on Facebook.

Obviously, as a business owner, your main concern is the bottom line and impressions don't seem to impact your bottom line, especially if it someone scrolling past your listing on Google....

However, there is a very well established marketing adage, The Rule of Seven. Created before the age of television and the internet, it stipulated that a prospect needs to see or hear your message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you. Now, clearly there are cases where consumers need a solution right away and are willing to take action (see Lead Generation below), however in most cases, even your ideal target market will require a few follow ups to convert to a sale.

As a non-digital example, you attend a large tradeshow and have a lot of interest at your stall, with many people expressing strong interest. If you simply give them your business card, it's highly unlikely that the strong interest will result in sales without additional follow-up and subsequent pitches/offers.

There are 3 key reasons why brand awareness campaigns are essential to long term positive impacts to your bottom line;

1. Rise above the noise; your competitors are also advertising and employing Search Engine Optimisation tactics. Appearing next to their ads puts you in their target market's mind.
2. They don’t need you … yet; customers may not need your services, the first time they meet you, hear about you on the radio etc. but sooner or later, they'll require your solution to their problem. Stay top-of-mind.
3. The main reason; they don’t know, like and trust you. Business, especially B2B is all about relationships. Multiple impressions and consistent marketing messages help your customers know and recognise your brand.

It takes time for people to get to know you – remember your name, your offer, your message. Build your brand awareness with display advertising, remarketing and digital out of home and let us cut through the noise so you become a recognised, trusted household name.

Lead Generation

Whilst digital out-of-home media and social media platform advertising is great for building brand awareness, which in turn generates recognition, trust and eventually leads, Google search advertising helps you appear when your target audience is specifically looking for your services. Since 2016, our digital advertising management has primarily focused on lead generation, creating and optimising search ads to maximise clickthrough rates, Ad Rank and number of impressions and search impression share for the lowest possible budget. We've backed these campaigns up with customised landing pages designed to answer the customers' problem and make it easy for them to convert the leads into genuine enquiries/sales.

With the average clickthrough rate of Google ads being 3.17%1, and our clickthrough rate being ~5.5-7% depending on campaigns, there are still a lot of impressions generated with lead generation campaigns. However, rather than appearing at all times to the target market, through chosen demographic targeting, the advertisements only appear when the potential customer searches for a relevant keyword which we target. I.e. "plumber near me".

Due to the immediate demand of the customer, by using persuasive ads, clear offers and points of differentiation, we encourage leads to call directly from the ad or to click through to a highly relevant landing page that encourages them to convert. By optimising each step of the funnel, we aim to deliver the converted leads at an average cost/conversion that generates a positive return on investment for our clients.

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