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Dedicated Perth-based servers, domain/SSL certificate purchases and renewals that don't break the bank and 100% local tech support, our affordable website hosting plans are here to set a strong foundation for your business online.

Uptime Monitoring & Regular Site Backups

With regular backups and alerts when if your site goes down, we are able quickly respond should the worst happen. 

Domain Name Servers (DNS) Management

We're a registered reseller for ASX Listed domain registrar Dreamscape Networks (DN8) and can manage your DNS.

Single Customer Portal For Domains, Hosting & Support

With regular backups and copies of your site, we can quickly restore it if it goes down or something breaks.

Our 100% Local Website Hosting Plans

While all our plans are optimised for WordPress Hosting, we can host any type of application.

Technical Specifications

Whilst we use ASX Listed domain registrar, Dreamscape Networks (ASX: DN8), for our domain name management and hence the domain name server settings, we don't put all our client's eggs in one basket. As per best-practice, we typically seperate the DNS from the hosting, providing you with a layer of security should your website/hosting become compromised.

We provide website hosting and specialist application server time through Tier 1 and 2 hosting providers such as Amazon Web Services. At present, we are able to provide servers from NEXTDC's Tier 1 hosting facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. With a 99.9% service level agreement, secure hosting environments and very low latency due to the server being in close geographic proximity to our client's online audience, your website is in good hands.

Task Specific Storage

Our hosting services typically use high speed Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVME) storage allowing for your sites' loading to be as fast as possible. However, for specialist applications where large scale data storage is required, we can configure our servers to use SATA SSD or HDD storage for low-cost, bulk storage.

The storage hardware uses error-correcting code to detect and correct any internal data corruption. Combined with our backups and ability to restore either full disk images or individual files from your website's database, we provide a seriously robust hosting platform.

Global High Speed Content Delivery

Looking to serve a national or even international audience? We provide a load balancing service to distribute heavy periods of traffic across multiple server locations and ensure that your site is always there to convert visitors.

We also use content delivery networks such as Cloudflare to provide more than 100 points of presence (local servers that cache your site data) to provide a much faster time-to-first-byte (TTFB) for above-the-fold content prior to your main server sending the bulk of your content. This also provides an extra layer of security and reduces spam.
Finally, we implement OpenLiteSpeed servers rather than Nginx etc. which are proven to accelerate WordPress site loading times and the data centers utilise IPv4 & IPv6 upstream carriers for optimal content delivery.

Performance Monitoring & Uptime Alerts

Using both third party tools and our own internal system, we continually monitor websites to ensure that they remain 'live' and are performing as expected. We receive immediate alerts if there are any major interruptions detected with the website hosting services and also perform manual checks to ensure high performance.

Security & Backups

With both external firewalls configurable on each of our servers, as well as web-application firewalls on websites under our maintenance, your website is at low-risk of falling prey to the millions of cyber-attacks being performed every day. Of course, there is always the possibility that you may 'lose' your site to someone you've provided admin access (typically ex-employees or black hat SEO agencies) or that a cyber-attack manages to brute-force your login (please don't use 123456 as your password). 

In this scenario, due to the seperation of your DNS from your hosting, we are able to redirect your website to a customer-friendly maintenance page whilst we restore the latest backup of your site. We schedule automatic backups depending on your website hosting plan and can restore either full sites backups or restore individual files to restore your site back to working order.

Why pay more for local dedicated website hosting?

So you've seen hosting from GoDaddy and other providers for $10/month and are wondering why you should pay more for ReEnergise website hosting.... There are many reasons to choose our local dedicated server hosting.

Firstly, each of our hosting packages include 1 domain (typically only a few dollars for the first year with many other providers but which get substantially more expensive after locking you in).
We also provide a complementary SSL certificate with our Standard & E-Commerce hosting plans (typically $75-100 per annum elsewhere) & our backup service along with friendly, local support.

Secondly, paying for local, 100% Australian website hosting means supporting Australian business. Whilst we utilise AWS for some applications, the vast majority of our server costs are paid to an Australian-domiciled business and our domain registrar is an Perth-headquarted business. We also like having jobs and providing local small business with high quality hosting.

Subsequent to March 2014, Australian companies that collect personal information (including email addresses etc. collected via website contact forms) must comply with 13 Australian Privacy Principles to be in line with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth.)

APP8 (cross–border disclosure of personal information) regulates the disclosure/transfer of personal information by an agency or business to a different entity (including a parent company) offshore. Before disclosure of personal information offshore, the Australian agency/business (Australian sender) must take reasonable steps to ensure the overseas recipient will comply with/not breach the APPs. This can be done by appropriate contractual provisions. However, the Australian Sender will (subject to limited exceptions) remain liable for the overseas recipient's acts and practices in respect of the personal information sent as if the Australian Sender had engaged in such activities in respect of that personal information in Australia and, where relevant, be in breach of the APPs due to the overseas recipient's acts or omissions.

By hosting your website and related personal data collection/processing here in Australia, you can minimise the amount of customer data sent overseas and therefore your liable if there is a data breach of any kind.

Finally, on a positive note, choosing dedicated website hosting rather than cheaper shared hosting means faster website loading, optimised servers for your needs and all the monitoring and uptime alerts done for you.

How fast is your current website hosting?

Use the Pagespeed metric, not load time as the test is run from GT Metrix Canadian server.

Keep Your Website Up To Date

Websites are no longer just online catalogues. They should be constantly updated and never 'done'.
Plus, Google loves fresh content and new posts or updates goes a long way to getting to and staying on top.