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The 3 Step Formula For Building High Converting Landing Pages

Affordable Landing Pages - Scaled

Step 1: Aspirational Imagery & Key Features/Hook

The first step to creating highly effective and affordable landing pages is to use a relevant, aspirational header image to capture attention and make a visual cue/link between your offering and the desired outcome. I.e. new house interior if the landing page is for a mortgage broker targeting new home owners.

Add a clearly defined header, ask a rhetorical 'yes' question or use {strong adjective} +{objective} + with {your service}.
E.g. 'Discover massive savings with zero-brokerage share trading'.

Social Proof - Affordable Landing Pages

Step 2: Provide Value & Social Proof

The above the fold content, what visitors see when they first land on the landing page, captures your prospect's attention, now you must retain it. The next step is to provide some level of detail to your 

It's important to note that your prospect probably doesn't know you well; while they're digesting the content and making the decision to take action, use Google My Business or Facebook reviews to establish social proof & establish a higher level of trust.

Social Proof - Affordable Landing Pages
Reenergise Affordable Landing Pages & Google Advertising

Step 3: Guide The User Through The Page To Your Jackpot

Noticed how the content in this page is getting narrower on desktop? Almost as though it is a funnel... It's no mistake. The structure of the page along with the lack of superfluous content or imagery ensures that the visitor's attention is retained on the short, concise information and is drawn down the page. 

Finally, the page culminates in your key call to action, whether a button to request a consultation or a contact form to allow interested prospects to request a quote. Note, it is important to ensure that you optimise your page stacking on mobile as well.

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