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Promote Your Business When Customers Need You Most With Google Advertising

Google Advertising acts as an immediate marketing solution, complimenting your organic marketing efforts with Search Engine Optimisation & Social Media Marketing. 

It allows you to both build brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness through Remarketing and Display advertising (those ads that appear on 3rd party sites once they've visited your site once) and through Search advertising where we can target specific keywords and phrases such as "plumber near me" or "giant atx 26" bike perth". This allows you to appear when your potential customers are actively searching for your products/services, increasing your chances of making a sale.

Creating Your Google Advertising Campaign - Our Process


  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What is your best selling product/service?
  • Is this also your most profitable one?
  • What other touchpoints do you utilise?
  • Can you describe a typical customer journey?


  • Keyword research
  • Campaign creation
  • Text ad copywriting
  • Updating website CTAs (calls to action) and forms
  • Website speed & mobile optimisations

Ongoing Management

  • Bid and budget management
  • Review search terms to identifiy negative keywords
  • Website optimisations (CTAs, speed)
  • Analytics, performance tracking and reporting
  • Add new keywords/campaigns
  • A/B test changes

Google Advertising Management Plans

Our all-in-one Google Advertising packages includes all the features you need to instantly get your business visible and generating leads online.

Starter Ads
($0-1500/mo Ad Spend)

$300 per month
  • Fortnightly Bid & Budget Adjustments
  • Fortnightly Addition Of Negative Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting & Analytics
  • Fortnightly Review of Keywords & Ad Copy
  • 1 x A/B Test Campaign per Month
  • Monthly Recommendation Of Website Changes To Maximise CTR & Conversion Rate

($1500-5000/mo Ad Spend)

$600 per month
  • Weekly Bid & Budget Adjustments
  • Weekly Addition Of Negative Keywords
  • Monthly Reporting & Analytics
  • Weekly Review of Keywords & Ad Copy
  • 2 x A/B Test Campaign per Month
  • Monthly Recommendation Of Website Changes To Maximise CTR & Conversion Rate

Advanced Ads
($5000+/mo Ad Spend)

$1000 per month
  • Consistent Bid & Budget Adjustments
  • Consistent Addition Of Negative Keywords
  • Fortnightly Reporting & Analytics
  • Consistent Review of Keywords & Ad Copy
  • 4 x A/B Test Campaign per Month
  • 4 Hours/mo Of Website Changes To Improve Conversion Rate

Google Ads - Search Campaigns Explained

Prior to 2019, Google Ads was called Google AdWords and for good reason. Google Ads started out in the Search Campaign space, primarily involved in word based campaigns where their advertising centred around the idea of a featured listing. In the simplest terms, Search Campaigns operate in much the same way as adding a listing to Gumtree or a local directory and then paying to become a featured listing to appear above everyone else. Google is effectively just a massive directory indexing user-generated content and standing out is even harder than in a local directory.

In fact, having your website's link appear at the top of a Google search makes it twice as likely to be clicked as the link in 2nd position1. Therefore, Google devised an ingenious bidding platform allowing businesses to bid for their ad to appear in the top 3 places (among other areas) on relevant Google searches & pay to outrank organic search engine ranking positions (SERPs).

Keywords & Phrases

At the core of search advertising are keywords, the words that you (the advertiser) get to input to decide which customer searches you'd like to appear on. These keywords have 4 main categories, which are as follows:

Exact match; exact match keywords allow you to appear only for specific searches.
E.g. if you only want to appear for [vegan cafe Nedlands], you can use exact match to only ever appear when a user on Google types in that exact search term in that order.

Phrase match; phrase match allows more flexibility than exact match whilst staying well on topic. E.g. you might add "vegan cafe"as your phrase and this will allow your ad to appear in broader searches such as "cafe for vegans", "vegan friendly cafe" etc. where the words vegan and cafe are both mentioned in the search.

Broad match; Google shows your ads not only for your keyword, but for all relevant searches. This would expand the keyword from "vegan" to searches such as 'healthy cafe' or 'vegetarian', increasing your visibility online.

Negative; don't want a particular word/phrase to trigger your ad? Use negative keywords to choose which searches not to show for. E.g. DIY painting isn't likely to convert so you'd add "DIY" as a negative broad match keyword.

Google Advertising - Search Campaign Website Speed Booster
Typical Format Of A Google Search Ad

Website Edits - Improving Your Conversion Rate

Factors such as bounce rate and the time that customers spend on your website are all measured by Google and factored into your AdRank.
By ensuring that the destination url (where visitors land after clicking the ad link) is relevant to your Ad Copy, Ad rank is improved and the percentage of website visitors who take an additional action and CONVERT.

Google Ad Extensions - Cross Promotions & CTAs

As seen in the image above, in addition to your Headline and Description text, there is the ability to add Extensions to your ads, cross-promoting other products (such as landing pages) directly from your Ad as well as additional features and points of differentiation. 

You can even add multiple calls-to-action to your ad such as Call Extensions, Message Extensions, Lead Form Extensions and much more.

Advertising Copy - Maximising Clickthrough Rate

Whilst it costs nothing with Google advertising to display your search ad unless it is clicked, if you're looking to use search ads to drive traffic and conversions then you need as many clicks as possible through to your website, landing page and/or app.

We use A/B testing & responsive search ads to maximise your clickthrough rate for your targeted keywords. Account wide, we've outperformed the AdWords average CTR by over 3.0%.

Google Tag Manager - Recording Conversions

The ultimate aim of Google advertising, whether via search campaigns or display advertising is to add to your business' bottom line! Aside from clickthrough rates and conversions, the key metric is Cost-per-Conversion. 

This is the ultimate cost of your advertising to record a conversion (sign-up, phone call, enquiry form submission) which we measure via Google Tag Manager scripts on your website.

Just like referrals in real life, links to your website from other reputable websites (especially news sites and established directories) show search engines that your content is valuable and therefore search engines rank your site higher.

Direct Call To Action Campaigns - Call Now, Get Directions & Download Apps

One large trend of Google search, both organic and via pay-per-click, in 2019 and now 2020 has been the increased amount of information available directly from the Google search page. In the organic search space, it's rich snippets such as FAQ tables and answers on the home page. With Google Ads, they've recently implemented Lead Form ads, direct call Ads and the ability to text message business owners direct from the Ads, without even clicking through to your website..

Google My Business Sync & Map Advertising

If you've got a GoogleMyBusiness listing, Google Ads allow for the syncing of your ad account with your map listing.
This then makes it possible to actively advertising your business on the map and to consumers when they're on the move and looking for "XYZ service near me".

Call & Message Extensions

Phone calls are typically easier to convert as you can gain trust quicker and gauge the buyer intent without going back and forth.
With call & message extensions you can receive calls, messages and emails directly from your ads without customers even heading to your website.

Explore Google Keyword Planner

Use Google's own Keyword planner tool to see search volumes for particular keywords, the average cost per click and how many clicks/conversions you may be able to achieve for a set budget.

Yes, we do website maintenance and hosting, too!

We’re here to help with all aspects of your digital presence, with hosting and maintenance plans to keep your site healthy and up-to-date.