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Website Optimisation To Lower Loading Speed & Raise Conversion Rate

Backup, test, modify and test again. That's our motto for iteratively improving your website for both site loading time and also for increasing your conversion rate, risk-free.

Due to the iterative process and manual tasks involved, pricing for this service varies depending upon the size of your website and the number of pages and/or products involved. We offer our website optimisation service for all WordPress websites, whether designed by us or externally designed and built.

Website Optimisation for Site Speed

Alongside responsive web design (mobile friendliness), the speed at which websites render their content plays a major role in how Google scores your website for Search Engine Ranking Position (SERP) and also AdRank for Google Ads.

Additionally, did you know that you lose 10% of your website audience each extra second it takes to load your site.

There are numerous areas that impact upon website loading speed, from hosting environments and content distribution networks, through to scaling images across your site. Using our website optimisation service to improve your website’s response time will help increase your visitors, conversions, and sales. 


  • Backup existing website
  • Test nominated pages with our suite of tools to judge existing performance
  • Review website theme and plugins
  • Review website code
  • Review hosting infrastructure


  • Update theme/plugins where applicable and resolve any conflicts
  • Remove extraneous plugins
  • Tidy up CSS
  • Optimise images
  • Setup page caching
  • Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Optimise resource serving order
  • Set JavaScript to Async/Defer

Site Audits & Actionable Plans To Optimise SEO & Conversions

We develop short & long-term strategies to identify and rectify areas of concern with your website.

Website Audit - WordPress Website Optimisation

1. Establish Baseline Metrics (Pre-Optimisation Audit & Summary of Findings)

"You can't manage what you can't measure" once said renowned management consultant, Peter Drucker. Knowing what the issues are with your website is the first step towards formulating a plan to fix both your site's technical and sales performance. We perform a number of audits of your existing website, reviewing reports from third party providers about your search engine optimisation and technical performance, this includes reviewing your Google Analytics to uncover popular pages, current visitor sources and also where they drop off your website. 

Following our numerous audits, all of which are provided by unbiased, third party sites, we present you with our summary of findings along with recommendations to amend the issues. These recommendations can be as easy as implementing an SSL certificate or it may require more work.

2. Provide Recommendations For Improvements & Implement Changes

We provide recommendations about the strategies we can implement to improve your website. Depending upon the findings from the Site Audits, we may recommend a number of different approaches which we try and tailor to match your budget and short-and-long term objectives. 

If your site is reasonably fast to load but is failing to attract customers, we might recommend a SEO campaign to optimise each page for particular keywords and increase the amount of traffic your site receives prior to focusing on page speed and maximising conversions. Conversely, should your site be experiencing high traffic volume yet a high bounce rate from slow loading, we would implement our website optimisation for speed service. 

Implementing the various custom approaches to maximise your ROI from your website can vary in scope and timeframe however we provide a clear and transparent set of recommendations prior to implementing our fixes.

Website Optimisation Process
Site Optimisations

3. Conduct Post-Optimisation Audit & Measure Improvements

An integral part of our iterative process of website optimisation is to test, modify, measure and test again. During the process of implementing the changes to your website and its associated hosting and analytics infrastructure, we continually conduct audits to measure the effectiveness of our edits. In some cases, such as the implementation of an SSL certificate, or the migration to a faster hosting service, the changes can be measured in a matter of days, however longer term strategies such as SEO, change of website hierachy or site structure and calls-to-action (CTAs) can take longer to measure.

We provide you with the post-optimisation audits and a report to measure the level of improvement achieved from our website optimisation service.

Conversion To WordPress

Have you built your website with a hosted What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) service such as Squarespace, Wix or Weebly? Happy with your content but looking to add more functionality to your site or improve the performance beyond your provider's shared virtual private servers?

If you're happy with your websites look and feel and happy to provide any additional content, we convert your website to WordPress for a much lower price than a full initial website build. It will look and feel the same and you'll even get an intuitive, fully supported WYSIWYG visual builder and all the flexibility of WordPress' massive online repository of plugins, themes and WooCommerce.

We help you maximise the ability of your website to convert visitors, with faster local hosting, SSL certificates and all billed in AUD so you don't get caught out by the exchange rate.

Interested in focusing on your loading speed first?

We're experts in reducing loading times for WordPress websites, stripping websites of themes with unnecessary bloat and ensuring that functionality and content is retained whilst serving your website much faster than before.

Keep Your Website Content Up To Date

To achieve the best results from your website, it should be a dynamic resource for your potential and repeat customers. Draw more visitors in by updating your content, ensuring your site is still running flawlessly and that your plugins and hosting are still compatible with the latest Internet standards.