What is Click Through Rate? (And How is it Calculated?)

We are sure there must be several queries haunting your thoughts when you think about digital marketing and customer engagement. Keeping a track of every action made by the customer and ensuring customer engagement is the real challenge every marketer goes through. That is why there is a metric known as CTR, Click Through Rate that helps every marketer to measure how many times the website has been clicked or any option that has been viewed. This option might be leading to your webpage after the impression has been created on the screen. The moment the option is clicked it generates CTR and ensures that the first level of engagement is measured. Therefore, CTR tells how engaging your content has been for the viewers that encouraged them to make an action. Let’s discuss in depth to know more about CTR and how is it calculated.

What is Click Through Rate?

CTR is considered as the number of clicks that is generated by the times the visitor has viewed your ad. This is dived by the number of impressions, i.e. the number of times your ad has been viewed on the user’s screen. This is a simple formula that tells the percentage that how many times the ad has been viewed and was successful enough to increase the level of engagement. You might not know but the keyword used for content marketing even contain their own CTR. So the higher percent of CTR means that higher engagement of content that even boosts the ad ranks of your marketing campaign. Therefore, a good CTR rank always tells about your ads and the network on which the ad has been viewed.

The best part is that you can even know that which keywords are efficient enough to boost the ad ranks of your content and business. For example, the better the keywords are and the more they are related with your content that will automatically generate the CTR and boost your business. That is why key phrases and keywords play an important role in content marketing.

How is CTR Calculated?

The most important step is to understand how CTR is calculated. Are you thinking that is must be a really long and a technical procedure to calculate? Surprisingly, the formula is pretty simple. It is:

CTR= Clicks made / Number of Impressions


CTR= Clicked Emails / Sent Emails – Bounces

For your ease, it is better to get the results in percentage. Therefore after getting the desired results you just have to multiply it with 100.

However, there is a unique way of calculating the click made for an individual link. These are known are unique click links. This tracks the click made by a particular user who clicks on one unique link.

Whereas, all link click tells in total, how many times the link has been clicked by one person.

So if you are ready to engage your customers and improve the engagement to make and action then make sure to increase your CTR.