Understanding Reach and Impressions

What Exactly Are Impressions?

Impressions are not an action-based process. It is just the user or the potential audience viewing the advertisement or any digital content on the screen. The idea is to spread more and more brand awareness and increasing the CPM leading the business to grow and boost sales. Therefore, if you are viewing your Facebook, any website, or any other social media platform you might experience an advertisement popping up and you apparently stop scrolling your newsfeed to watch the ad. That is the moment when impressions are calculated. That is why it is even said that the impressions are unique. So any ad or digital content appears on your timeline, it is an impression. Isn’t that simple? Let’s discuss this concept below in detail.

Impressions in the World of Digital Marketing:

Now that you have an idea what Impressions really is, let’s know what impressions are in the digital marketing and what does this process contribute to.

Start imagining the conventional and the traditional advertising where you are focusing on direct marketing techniques, the very known offline marketing, and you are struggling hard to increase the reach, calculate the impressions and finding ways to grow your business through it. Did you imagine something positive about it? We are sure it must have not worked out. Do you know why? Well, it is pretty simply to understand the importance of Impressions in digital marketing. This is because impressions can only be calculated in digital marketing and not in direct marketing.

To be more exact, let’s take a simple example. The owner of a billboard will definitely not have a concrete method of calculating or even estimating the number of views his campaign might have generated. Whereas, if you focus on online campaigns that are impression-based, you might require advertisers to calculate and measure the impressions generated concretely. Therefore, impressions are considered to be measured in CPM, i.e. cost per thousand impressions.

The impression tracking is a quantitative process that makes it convenient for the advertiser to calculate the number of times the ad has been appeared and viewed on the screen.