Peter Hill

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Peter Hill

BSc (Internetworking & Network Security), Murdoch University

Peter Hill is proudly Perth born and raised. Over the years, he has participated in a broad range of academic, sporting and technical pursuits with the support of his family and many small business owners, teachers and colleagues.

James' favourite phrase is "Love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life".

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    Involvement in Reenergise Digital

    As you'll learn in the sections below, Peter Hill has always enjoyed learning in an applied setting. Whilst studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Marketing) at the University of Western Australia, he was working for MC Motorsport (a RACWA subsidiary) where he created and grew their social media following in addition to his main role of motorsport co-ordinator. He also assisted the Parents and Friends Federation of Western Australia (PFFWA), now Catholic Parents WA, a non-profit with their email and social media marketing.

    James found that the practical lessons learnt applying marketing strategies coincided with his studies during final year contemporary marketing units during which he was partnered with Marcus Safstrom. Together, applying both his knowledge and Marcus' own knowledge and technical skill, they excelled in their joint assignments and decided to found Social Generation Marketing, now Reenergise Digital, as a practical for-profit outlet.

    Since co-founding Reenergise in 2016, James has been the Managing Director of Reenergise Digital until recently passing over the reins in late 2019 to Marcus in order to focus on business development and his role at Singular Health.

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      Personal Development & Interests

      Renewable Energy Generation

      Growing up in Perth, the eldest of four boys, James has always been an avid reader and had a strong interest in practical application of science.

      In 2008, during Year 8 of high school at Leeming Senior High School, he developed a strong interest for renewable energy and set about trying to power his bedroom off of homebuilt energy systems. Thanks to the encouragement of one of his science teachers and his grandad, James designed and built a number of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs) using everyday materials such as plywood, pvc pipes and rewound car alternators.

      Originally experimenting with drag-based vertical axis wind turbines, James joined a number of internet forums and began researching the aerodynamic concepts behind more powerful and efficient lift-based wind turbines. After building a lift-based wind turbine from extruded PVC blades (seen at the bottom of image 1), he designed and built a hybrid aerofoil that operated on a drag-basis at low speed and then a lift-basis at high speed.

      The prototype of this design (seen above the full-lift blades) earnt James a Merit Award at the 2008 WA Inventor of the Year competition and an invite to the Governor's Science Forum and Brilliant West Week Dialogue with Youth events.

      The soldering of kit-built bridge rectifiers, working out the wiring and battery systems and working with the AC & DC motors/generators provided James with a decent level of practical understanding of electrical systems and inspiration by a neighbour to enter into the Perth eV Challenge led to the next chapter of extra-curricular "engineering", working out how to efficient deploy electrical energy rather than generate it.

      Image 1: Testing Hybrid aerofoil with lift-based blades.
      Image 1: Testing Hybrid aerofoil with lift-based blades.
      Image 2: James & Peter Hill, Qualifying 2nd at 2013 Hunter Valley eV Prize
      Image 2: James & Peter Hill, Qualifying 2nd at 2013 Hunter Valley eV Prize

      Coulomb Motorsport & The Quest For Efficiency (and a podium)

      2009 - First entry into eV Challenge

      2010 - eV Challenge engineering award for tilt-steering

      2016 - eV Challenge / attempted world record

      2013 - 2015 Hunter valley eV Prize


      Athens Marathon

      "Cheap" Hobbies

      • Currently obtaining his Recreational Pilot's License
      • Scuba,
      • Skippers Ticket,
      • Sailing.
      • Travel
      Image 3: Principia College at World Solar Challenge Finish (2015)
      Image 3: Principia College at World Solar Challenge Finish (2015)

      Formal Academia

      Leeming Senior High School - 2008 - 2011

      Edith Cowan University 2012

      University of Western Australia 2013 - 2016

      Burgundy Business School, Dijon, France - 2016

      RG146 - 2016

      Planning on doing AICD Company Directors course in 2020.


      First started at McDonalds in 2010

      MC Motorsport - 2011 - 2016

      Caffe Italia - 2012-2014

      Stateswim Joondalup 2012

      PFFWA 2013 - 2015

      Bloom UWA (Volunteer) 2015 & 2016

      GCP Capital - 2016 & 2017 (Reenergise as part-time)

      Reenergise Digital - 2016 - Present

      Singular Health - April 2019 - Present

      Peter Hill's Aspirations

      Private Pilots License

      Technical Scuba License

      Work/Life Balance