Marcus Safstrom - Reenergise Digital Marketing Specialists

Personal Profile

Marcus Safstrom

BCom (Marketing & Management), UWA

One of the two co-founders of ReEnergise Digital, Marcus Safstrom is proudly Perth born and raised.

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    Marcus's Background

    Marcus embodies the attributes of a next-generation marketer, combining exceptional technical knowledge with strong foundations in traditional marketing. As a born problem-solver, Marcus thrives on providing outcome-driven solutions for Australian small businesses. Marcus excelled both academically and in leadership roles throughout his formal education, holding the role of President for the Marketing and Management Club of UWA (MARKAM 2016-2017).

    Through his career so far, Marcus has overseen more than 100 website builds, and contributed to more than 40 marketing plans, while also assisting in executing these.

    Marcus currently manages the ReEnergise Digital business and is responsible for client satisfaction and delivery outcomes for all fee-for-service engagements.

    Marcus Safstrom - Becoming Managing Director

    From a young age Marcus was involved in helping family friends and small businesses with updating their websites and social media, and executing marketing plans.

    While studying his Bachelor of Commerce, Marcus worked with James Hill in the final year of their Marketing and Management degree, and saw the opportunity to serve a gap in the market for assisting smaller businesses that couldn't afford a fully fledged marketing agency.

    By partnering to help SMB in Perth, Social Generation was formed (now ReEnergise Digital) during their final year, and has since helped dozens over a hundred SMB in Perth.

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      Formal Academia

      Wesley College - 2008 - 2013

      University of Western Australia 2014 - 2017

      AgilePM® Foundation & Practitioner - 2018

      AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (In Progress)


      Social Generation - 2016

      Roobix - 2016 - 2019

      Reenergise Digital - 2019 - Present